Day 2 - Thursday (November 29th, 2018)

Time Luminal Endoscopy Liver
0800 - 0900 GE Clinic
Moderators: Naresh Bhat, GN Ramesh
0900 - 0920 Presidential address:
Chairpersons: TS Chandrasekhar, Ajay Kumar
Speaker: Naresh Bhat
0920 - 0945 PN Chuttani Oration Chairpersons: Rakesh Tandon, JB Dilawari, Sharad Shah
Speaker: Vivek Saraswat
0945 - 1010 CM Habibullah Oration Chairpersons: MP Sharma, Kartar Singh, RR Rai
Speaker: Uday C Ghoshal

Topic Indian contribution to GI motility and Functional GI disease research
1010 - 1110 Plenary session Chairpersons: BS Ramakrishna, Manisha Dwivedi, V Jayanthi

Outcome of management protocol to reduce von Willebrand factor (vWF) in acute hepatic dysfunction: Hepatotoxicity due to yellow phosphorus (rat killer) poisoning as a prototype
Debasis Sardar (CMC, Vellore)

2. Optimizing infliximab therapy using a Dashboard approach – An Indian experience
Devendra Desai (PD Hinduja Hospital, Mumbai)

3. Time-dependent associations of acute pancreatitis with gut microbial dysbiosis and altered intestinal permeability: Lessons learnt from experimental model
Aparna Jakkampudi (AIG, Hyderabad)

4. Normative values of sarcopenia in the Indian population
Sandeep Sidhu (DMCH, Ludhiana)

5. Utility of neutrophil CD64 and in distinguishing bacterial infection from disease flare in severe alcoholic hepatitis
Gaurav Pande (SGPGI, Lucknow)

6. Predictive models of the outcome of medical management of acute severe ulcerative colitis using principal component analysis and artificial neural network
Uday C Ghoshal (SGPGI, Lucknow)

(Paper 1-6: 8+2 Minutes)
1110 - 1210 Young Investigator Award Chairpersons: SK Acharya, VA Saraswat, Ashok Chacko

Quantitative proteomic analysis identifies dysregulated platelets in severe alcoholic hepatitis
Shiv K Sarin (ILBS, Delhi)

2. Generation of secondary humanized livers through intra-omental transplantation of bioengineered livers for the management of end-stage liver diseases
Sandeep K Vishwakarma (Hyderabad)

3. Pentazocine, a kappa-opioid agonist, is better than diclofenac for analgesia in acute pancreatitis: A randomized controlled trial
Soumya Jagannath Mahapatra (AIIMS, Delhi)

4. Thromboelastography guided blood product transfusion in patients with chronic liver disease undergoing invasive liver-related procedures: A randomized controlled trial
Sudheer Kumar Vuyyuru (AIIMS, Delhi)

5. Hepatitis B virus-infected pregnant females with higher circulating HBsAg levels showed impaired immune imprint in their newborns at birth
Ashish Kumar Vyas (LHMC, Delhi)

6. Gut microbiome diversity in acute severe colitis is distinct from mild to moderate ulcerative colitis
Saurabh Kedia (AIIMS, Delhi)

(Paper 1-6: 8+2 Minutes)
1210 -1300 ISG Zydus oration: Chairpersons: Philip Augustine, YK Joshi, Vinay Thorat

Speaker: Anil Arora (20 min) Topic: Journey of fat in the body-A source of energy or a scourge of diseases

Panel discussion: (30 min)
Topic: How to take care of high burden of GI diseases in India

Chairpersons: VI Mathan, Mohameed S Khuroo, Prabha Sawant

Moderator: Gourdas Choudhuri
Panelists: VK Paul, Philip Abraham, BS Ramakrishna, Govind Makharia, Abhay Verma
State of art lectures
Chairpersons: David Greenwald, Parimal Lawate, Mandhir Kumar, Mukta Bapat

LAMS in GI diseases: (20 min) Kenneth Binmoeller

EUS guided tissue acquisition future trends (15 min)
Lawrence Ho

Endoscopic management of pancreatic fluid collection: What is optimum Vinay Dhir (15mts)

Symposium: NAFLD - Therapy beyond weight loss
Chairpersons: Abhijit Chaudhary, UC Patra, Santhosh Sundaresan, CR Panda

NASH: Standard of care in 2018 (20 min)
Ajay Duseja

Newer strategies in NASH: Which way is the wind blowing? (15 min)
Manav Wadhawan

Lean NAFLD: Indian scenario
AC Anand (15 min)
1300 - 1400 Lunch and Poster session
1400 - 1500 Symposium: Enhancing care in IBD
Chairpersons: KR Palaniswamy, AK Seith, Rajiv Khosla, Sanjeev Chatni

Concept of IBD Comprehensive Care Unit: 20 min
Simon P Travis

Biologicals in IBD: India specific Issues: 20 min
Vineet Ahuja

Anti-integrins in IBD:
Vijay Yajnik
Colonoscopy – challenges
Chairpersons: KK Rawal, Kalyan Bose, Amit Mathur, Devinder Singh

Best practices for safe colonoscopy
Mahesh Goenka

Large colonic polyp resection: EMR/ESD/UEMR
Kenneth Binmoeller

Colonoscopy in IBD –detection and management of dysplasia
C.Ganesh Pai
Symposium: Hepatitis C Virus
Chairpersons: YK Chawla, Chitranshu Vashistha, Manas Behra, Nipun Verma

Chronic hepatitis C: National guidelines
RK Dhiman

Treatment of HCV: Cirrhosis and those non-responders to DAAs
Paul Thulvath

Incidentally detected asymptomatic HCV infection: Natural history and way forward
Pankaj Puri
1500 - 1600 Symposium: GI Bleeding
Chairpersons: Atul Sachdev, Sunil Jain, Balasubramanian V, Prem Nair

Anti-platelets, anti-coagulating agents in patients with GI bleeding: What to stop, when to start?
David Greenwald

Peptic ulcer bleeding: Best practices in 2018
Philip Chiu

Radiological intervention in GI bleeding:
Endoscopy-Back to the Basics
Chairpersons: Shoukat Ali Zargar, SS Sharma (Jaipur), Venkatakrishnan K Iyer, Mollina Khanna

Sedation for basic and advanced endoscopy:
What is safe and effective?
Neeta George

Reporting of endoscopic findings: What is the optimum?
Vikram Bhatia (20 min)

Quality assurance in endoscopy
Manu Tandan (20 min)
Liver disease in India
Chairpersons: George Kurian, PN Rao, BC Sharma, Narayanan V A

Burden of liver diseases in India
Abhijit Chaudhari (20 min)

Panel discussion: (40 min)
How to decrease burden of liver disease in India

Moderator: SK Sarin
Panelists: SK Acharya, Rakesh Aggarwal, Abraham Koshy, RK Dhiman, Abhijit Choudhari, Kaushal Madan
1600 - 1700 Symposium: GERD Chairpersons: Naresh Bhat, DN Reddy, Philip Abraham, NH Banka

Indian Guidelines on GERD
(25 mts)
Shobna Bhatia, Abhinav Jain

Management strategies and surveillance in Barrett’s esophagus (20 min)
Prateek Sharma (USA)

Surgical option in GERD: When and What? (15mts)
Ramesh Ardhanari
Session: Endosonography Chairpersons: Vikas Singla, Nitin Pai, CC Chaubal, Palaniappan S

EURCP: Expending wings
Sandeep Lakhtakia

EUS guided liver biopsy in diffuse liver disease: Evidence based practice
Surinder Rana

Maximizing EUS: Where can we place CEUS, elastography and confocal leaser endomicroscopy
Rajesh Puri

Endoscopic gall bladder drainage – indications and techniques
Kazuo Hara
State of art lectures
Chairpersons: Rajat Shukla, AR Venkataswaran, Ashish Jha, Ravi R (Trichy)

Leadership in Medicine (20 min)
Bhaskar Nandi

Communication with family of critically ill patient (20 min)

Crisis management in hospital (20 min)
KN Panda
17.00-18.00 Panel discussion on Medicolegal issues
Moderator: Ashwini Setya
Panelists: GN Ramesh, Neeraj Nagpal
Post graduate session in endoscopy
How I do it (Video lectures) (10 min each)
Chairpersons: Sanjay Kumar, Kinsuk Das, Subhash Nandani, Radhakrishnan S (UK)

Amol Bapaye

Large balloon biliary sphinteroplasty
Piramanayagam P

WOPN-Direct EndoscoicNecrosectomy
Ravi R (Chennai)

EUS guided rectal varices coiling
Raj V V

Rakesh Kalpala

EUS guided fiducial implantation:
Roy J Mukkada
Symposium: Complications of cirrhosis
Chairpersons: JC Vij, Manisha Banger, Sushant Sethi, Shobana Devi,Thankappan K R

Management of AKI in cirrhosis:
Rakhi Maiwall

Blood product transfusion in cirrhosis: Risks and benefits
Ashish Kumar

Pulmonary complications of cirrhosis: diagnosis and management
Gaurav Pandey

Sarcopenia in cirrhosis
Ashish Goel
18.00-18.45 QUIZ
TS Chandrashekhar
19.30 onwards Dinner