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ISG - IBD Task Force

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ISG - GERD Task Force
ConvenersD Nageshwar Reddy (AIG – Hyderabad)
Prateek Sharma (Kansas City, USA)
Coordinator Shobna J Bhatia
Secretary-General - ISG Govind K Makharia

Indian Society of Gastroenterology- Gastroesophageal reflux disease (ISG-GERD) Task Force

The Indian Society of Gastroenterology (ISG) has been very actively conducting research about various gastrointestinal diseases in India. The ISG-Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD)task force was formed about 12 years back - the first study showed that almost 8% of Indians have symptoms like heartburn and/or sour regurgitation.

Endoscopy is a standard of care investigation for studying the damage in the esophagus lining caused by acid reflux. More than half the patients with GERD have a normal endoscopy. Data regarding the endoscopic profile of reflux esophagitis in India is scarce.

The ISG has now taken up this study to assess “Study the prevalence of various grades of esophagitis and their effect on quality of life in India”. The study is being done in 17 centers across India. Each center will enroll about 150-200 patients. We have by now collected data of over 800patients. The data is now being entered and after completion of data entry, we will analyze these data together with the endoscopy images. The manuscript will be prepared after meeting all the collaborators of this study from the participating centers.

This multicentric nationwide study will help to know the prevalence of severity of esophagitis in India, as also the quality of life of patients with GERD. This study will also help in identifying the association of clinical symptoms and endoscopic profile.

ISG - IBS Task Force

IBS Task Force :-

Year of inception : 2003

It is a pleasure to work as the coordinator for the ISG Task Force on irritable bowel syndrome, which successfully completed two major projects both of which have been published (attached) and have been cited extensively. I thank all of the team members who contributed to this Task Force.

Prof. Uday C. Ghoshal
Deptt. of Gastroenterology
Lucknow, U.P

Publication 1 Publication 2
ISG - GI Bleed Task Force

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