ISG-Dr Rakesh Tandon Oration

ISG-Dr Rakesh Tandon Oration

Any member of ISG, with a distinguished career, can nominate another member of ISG. Individual members can also apply for the prestigious award.

General Eligibility Specific Criteria
  • The applicant should be a member of the Indian Society of Gastroenterology.
  • The applicant should be of Indian Nationality.
  • Work should have been done in India.
  • Applicant should apply for only one award at a time.
  • Number of years of Medical Professional Services rendered in India
  • Academic positions held
  • Contributions to Medical Education
  • No. of years of mentoring
  • No. of postgraduate students guided
  • No of students who wrote research theses/dissertations under the person
  • No. of students who did PhD, DM, DND under him
  • Whether the nominee is a winner of any National/International awards in the field of medicine or Gastroenterology? If yes, Please specify
  • Contributions to Medical Teaching / Examination System• Contributions to Medical Teaching / Examination System
  • Details of involvement in new innovative methods in the fields of medical research/Teaching methodology/Examination schemes.
  • Details of Outstanding services anywhere inside the country/outside.
Criteria for selection Scores
H Index 10
Citations of 20 best publications 10
Impact factors of 20 best publications 10
Total Number of indexed publications 10
Evidence of Independent research activity (corresponding authorship/PG thesis) Number of research grants/PhD Students. 10
Contribution to the Journals as reviewers/editors 10
Number of books/chapters written/patents/innovations 10
Contribution to ISG/Gastroenterology/Institution/country 10
Contribution to teaching in India 20
Total Score 100

Award Includes

  • A certificate of honour and plaque will be presented during ISGCON.
  • Cash award

Documents Required

  • Please submit all the relevant details as per the above-mentioned criteria. This will help the judges to make an appropriate decision
  • A write-up of 500 words for the award applied which justifies his/her eligibility for the award
  • CV with Photograph (Max 250 Words)

Selection process

  • Awardee will be selected by a panel of 3 Judges per award nominated by the ISG executive. Judges should not be part of the ISG executive. Judge’s opinion will be conveyed to the executive for final approval.
  • In case no nomination is received or no suitable applicant is found, the Governing Council along with a representative of the Trust, (if required) will have the right to nominate any person who fulfils these criteria.

The Past winners of Dr. Rakesh Tandon Oration